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GraamHaat is a one-stop agri-tech platform for all your livestock needs, powered by women Self-Help-Group members of rural Rajasthan. Connect directly with our exclusive network of verified livestock farmer-preneurs from some of the remotest parts of India.

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Graamhaat is a one-stop solution for buying & selling
livestock that directly connects small and marginal Agri-preneurs to the market.



Browse from the finest selection of high-quality cattle reared by our own network of women entrepreneurs.



Purchase premium quality fodder, and other inputs delivered at the doorstep at an affordable price.



Connect with an Expert Veterinarian via calls and chat



Connect directly individual and institutional buyers with easy and efficient online payment options.



Graamhaat verifies the credibility of every buyer and seller to ensure hassle-free transactions.



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GraamHaat Android app that is designed to buy & sell livestock.
Through this application, Goat, Cow, Buffalo, camel, horse, etc. can be sold.



Register yourself as a buyer or seller with your mobile number verified by an OTP



Browse from a wide range of high-quality cattle including native breeds



Post your cattle for sale on the app and connect directly with individual and institutional buyers


Support Services

Avail on-call veterinary support, doorstep delivery of fodder and inputs, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Choosing the breeds wisely by researching the local market and the quality of each breed.
  • Getting proper training on livestock rearing practices to gain knowledge about different techniques.
  • Furnish the newly built farm with necessary things and equipment like water troughs, feeling baskets, medicines, etc.
  • Provide a comfortable house or shelter for the goats on the farm.
  • Create a pasture in the farming area to reduce the cost of feed and also to improve the health of the goats.

Raising and breeding of goats as a part of animal husbandry practices is considered a goat farming business. These are farmed mainly for their meat, milk, fiber, and skin. The main advantage of raising goats on farms is the fact that they consume sub-quality grazing matter, which is undesirable for other livestock animals, and converts them efficiently into good quality lean meat. Also, goats on farms need limited resources when compared to other animals.

If the land quality is low, then the no. of goats to be raised per acre of land would be around 2 to 4. Else if the land is a good pasture, then 6 to 8 goats can be raised comfortably in 1 acre. Unlike the free-range goats, the ones that are raised indoors need 20 sq. ft of area per goat. Each adult goat may need a 4 to 5 ft kidding pen area within the shelter.

Too much grain in the goat's diet may kill it, so it is important to measure the grain feed and provide it with the right quantity. Adult goats should not be given more than 1½ pounds of grain per day. The baby goats will need even lesser grains a day, approximately around ½ cup each day.

The total amount of milk produced by a goat in a day is around 2 liters and is about 57 liters a month. When the baby goats have become 8 weeks old, then the milk production is at its peak. The production of milk largely depends on the type of breed.

Goats do not need elaborate arrangements for their shelter; just basic housing facilities are enough. Goats are fine with a dry climate but need protection during winter and rain. The orientation of the farm should be such that it should face the southern direction to facilitate a warm atmosphere on the farm during winter. The shelter for each group of goats is different.

Does and kids the minimum back eave height should be around 4 to 6 ft and the front eave height should be around 6 to 8 ft. The floor could be possibly made of clay and concrete. The shelter should be fenced properly.

Pygmy goats or dwarf goats need small shelters such as 8 to 10 sq ft for each goat.

Raising goats in India is estimated to cost around 5 to 8 lakh rupees and this largely depends on the type of goat, its feed, housing and other management provisions. also, the no. of goats being farmed is an important factor to determine the investment structure. Detailed information about the cost and profits associated with the goat farming business can be known from Goat Farming Project Report.

It has been observed that goats can survive without water for three days and without food for three weeks. It is also equally important to know that once the goat dehydrates, then it is very difficult to get back to the normal situation because its kidneys almost shut down.

There are different goat breeds available in India, but the best breeds for commercial goat farming business are Jamunapari, Boer, Black Bengal, Beetal, Saanen, etc. Each breed has its own properties and has a different production capacity.

Each breed has a different cost, but the average price of a goat is around Rs 25K to 50K. Some goats are also sold on the basis of kilograms and then it may be charged around Rs 500- 850 per kg.


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GraamHaat Android app that is designed to sell & Buy animals. Through this application, goats, cows, buffalo, camels, horses, etc. can be sold.

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